Murder and Mystery lead the reader from Garden District to the French Quarter as the lot Location in Shadow in the Oaks


Welcome to the mesmerizing world of “Shadow in the Oaks,” where murder and mystery converge amidst the vibrant backdrop of New Orleans during the 1982 Mardi Gras season. In this gripping tale, we are drawn into the enigmatic labyrinth of intrigue surrounding the murder of Salazar Chavez, brother-in-law of the esteemed New Orleans newspaper publisher. Set against the lush landscapes of the Garden District and the pulsating energy of the French Quarter, this novel takes readers on a thrilling journey of suspense and discovery.

Setting the Scene:

Picture the elegant Peibody residence nestled along the iconic St. Charles Avenue, its grandeur illuminated by the festive glow of Mardi Gras. Meanwhile, in the heart of the French Quarter, lies the headquarters of Corteco, a Colombian coffee exporting company. It is amidst these contrasting landscapes that the sinister events of “Shadow in the Oaks” unfold, weaving a tapestry of secrets and deception.

Unusual Instructions:

The plot thickens as Salazar Chavez leaves behind peculiar instructions for his wife regarding his funeral arrangements. These cryptic directives raise suspicions among the Peibodys, prompting them to question whether Salazar had foreseen his own demise.

Suspicion Falls on Georgana:

As investigations by local authorities point towards Salazar’s wife, Georgana, doubts begin to surface. Penelope Peibody, with her investigative prowess, grows skeptical of the NOPD’s conclusions and embarks on a quest for truth.

Penelope’s Investigation:

Armed with her keen investigative skills, Penelope delves deep into the shadows, uncovering clues that shed light on the murky circumstances surrounding Salazar’s murder. Yet, with each revelation, Penelope finds herself drawn further into the web of danger and deceit.

A Mysterious Champion:

Amidst the chaos, a mysterious champion emerges, casting doubt on whether they are a harbinger of justice or a manipulative force orchestrating Penelope’s downfall. As tensions escalate, Penelope grapples with the enigmatic motives of this elusive figure.

Hostage Situation:

In a heart-stopping turn of events, Penelope and her sister find themselves ensnared in a life-threatening hostage situation. With the clock ticking, Penelope’s husband and the District Attorney embark on a high-stakes chase through the labyrinthine streets of the New Orleans warehouse district to rescue the imperiled sisters.


As the dust settles and the truth is unveiled, “Shadow in the Oaks” reaches its gripping conclusion, leaving readers spellbound by the intricate dance of mystery and intrigue that unfolds against the backdrop of New Orleans’ iconic landmarks. Through the eyes of Penelope Peibody, we are reminded of the enduring power of determination and resilience in the face of adversity.