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Shadows In The Oaks

Christine Dill Forrest

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Christine Dill Forrest

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“Christine Dill Forrest is a distinguished author whose debut novel, “Shadows In The Oaks,” unfolds against the bewitching backdrop of New Orleans, a city she holds dear. Hailing from Houma, just an hour’s drive away, Christine enjoys the rich history, captivating characters, vibrant music, and exquisite cuisine that the city offers.

With roots deeply embedded in New Orleans, she cherishes the Mardi Gras season, when she can be found on her street-side patio, sharing stories with neighbors while awaiting the spectacular floats and unique dancing groups like the Amelia EarHawts, the Muff-a-lottas, and the 610 Stompers.

Christine’s professional journey began at her hometown newspaper at the age of 15, focusing on advertising and promotions. Her talents have earned her recognition for advertising creativity, marketing and society bent, and poetry. However, she is most proud of her commitment to community service.

Her written works, including articles, stories, and poems, have graced the pages of newspapers, magazines, and anthologies. Beyond her literary achievements, Christine is a successful entrepreneur, having launched and sold multiple businesses.

In her personal life, Christine is a loving wife, devoted mother, and proud grandmother. Her influence extends far beyond family, making her a cherished friend, a trusted confidant, a wise mentor, and, above all, a wellspring of inspiration to those who know her. Her multifaceted accomplishments continue to enrich lives, both through her words and her unwavering presence.”


eBook Edition

Shadows In
The Oaks

A mystery novel about the murder of the New Orleans newspaper publisher’s brother-in-law, Salazar Chavez. It takes place at the home of Penelope and Madison Peibody on St. Charles Avenue after a party ushering in the 1982 Mardi Gras season.

The deceased leaves his wife with unusual instructions on exactly how to plan for his funeral. This causes the Peibodys to question if Salazar hadn’t foreseen the events that lead up to his demise.

Chavez, Peibody’s brother-in-law, is employed by a Colombian coffee exporting company, Corteco, whose headquarters in the United States is located in the heart of the French Quarter on the corner of Bourbon and St. Peter’s Streets.
All investigations by local authorities into the murder lead to the victim’s wife, Georgana. Penelope believes that the NOPD ignores the obvious path to solving the murder, so she relies on her investigative reporting skills to find the truth.
With each clue, Penelope discovers her life becomes more profoundly affected. She struggles to figure out whether a mysterious champion is really the murderer setting up her entrapment or acting as a true advocate.

Peni and her sister eventually find themselves hostage and, in a life-threatening predicament that leads her husband and the D.A. on a chase through the New Orleans warehouse district to rescue the two sisters from their would-be assassin.

What Readers Are Saying

Suspense Filled!
I thoroughly enjoyed the book. Chris did an excellent job in keeping my attention with the development of the characters. There was suspense from the very beginning to the very end. I am so proud of my friend.
Edward R. Bouterie
Christine caught your attention in the beginning of the book and kept it till the end. Her character development is superb. She should be rated with the best.

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