Author Christine Dill Forrest

Christine was born and raised in Houma, LA, in the embrace of a small, close-knit community that bestowed upon her the joys and tranquility inherent in such an environment. However, the allure of New Orleans, just an hour’s drive away, continued to captivate her, never losing its enchantment. As a proud descendant of Cajun heritage, Christine’s educational journey included Catholic primary schools influenced by Marianite sisters of the Holy Cross and Dominican nuns, and a public university, Nicholls State University, where she deeply appreciated tradition and the written word.

Her professional journey commenced early at the age of 15 when she embarked on a career at the local newspaper. Over time, she traversed through every department, gaining comprehensive insights into the newspaper industry, except for the pressroom. Nevertheless, she grasped the intricacies of press functions and displayed proficiency in diagramming the entire newspaper layout to accommodate press configurations.

Post-college, Christine found her calling in selling and designing newspaper advertising. Her innate passion and talent for assisting advertisers in effectively communicating their messages to the public became evident. During this period, she married her college sweetheart, who was also immersed in the newspaper business.

Transitioning away from the newspaper world after the birth of her second child, Christine’s energy and enthusiasm found expression in volunteerism. Notable achievements include her essential role in establishing a historical plantation museum, implementing a youth literacy program, and revitalizing a historic building into a modern public library. Her outstanding contributions were recognized when she was named Thibodaux’s Outstanding Woman in 1987.

Drawing inspiration from poetry, Christine turned her creative energies towards writing. Her poetry has garnered recognition, been published in various anthologies, and received several awards. Undeterred by complacency, Christine, driven by her entrepreneurial spirit, has successfully nurtured multiple small local businesses to self-sustainability before embarking on each new venture. Christine’s dynamic journey reflects her commitment to community, entrepreneurship, and the arts, making her distinguished in her endeavors.